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What does Stocklottrading.com offer

We only offer our commercial services to registered European (VAT nr. required) companies trading the following:

- stock lots
- surplus inventory
- damaged goods
- bankruptcy stories.

One could say all products that for any reason did not reach the intended buyers and are being sold considerably lower priced then the normal market price.

Our members can consider us their commercial agents on the internet.
Once we – by promoting stocklottrading.com – or in real life attract new customers or deals it is up to our members to pick up communications and realise deals.
We consider it very important that our members co-operate with us and supply us with up to date information concerning their stocks and company. Only then a basis for professional co-operation is possible.

How does Stocklottrading.com work?

We divide trading companies in 2 categories:

1. Stock distributors: Stock traders that have the infrastructure to c distribute large     quantity stocks to the distribution sector.
2. Stock whole sellers: Stock traders that mainly sell complete stocks to other

As our group of members grows it will be possible for visitors of stocklottrading.com to search our database according to:

1.   Filter our members/stock by country.
2.   Filter our members/stocks by product group.
3.   Filter our members/stocks by activity. (Whole sellers or distributors).
4.   Filter our members/stocks by the languages they speak.
5.   Filter based on combinations of points 1,2,3 and 4.


Paying membership & pricing?

We will provide you with a user name and password that allow you to login to your personal page where you can manage your company and stock information in a fast and easy manner. You do not have to be a computer expert to use our services.

Following actions are possible:

1. Post new stocks with pictures and packing list. You get a maximum space of 500 kb/ stock with a maximum of 2 Pictures and 1 packing list/stock. Every picture should not be larger then 200 pixels.
2. You can display and manage 20 stocks at once on stocklottrading.com. (= total of 10 Mb disc space).
3. You can edit and/or remove your existing stocks.
4. Each time you add a stock we will inform all members of the mailing list about this.
5. You can set/edit your product preferences to receive the appropriate mailings.
6. You can select/edit the product groups you would like to list your company under.
7. You can write/edit an introduction text for your company that will be seen on your company page.
8. You can add, edit and remove your company contact details that are displayed on your company page.
9. Your contact details and your stocks will be displayed on the stocklottrading.com homepage slide show for maximum exposure.
10. If you already have your own web-site you can put up al link from stocklottrading.com

Cost: 300 EURO/year.
(Excl. 21% VAT./ Only for Belgium companies)

As soon as you register as a paying member we will send you an invoice by post and a copy by e-mail. Payment should be done by money transfer to our company account within 2 weeks. Please see our contact page for account information. After completing the registration form you will receive your password and username immediately by e-mail.

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Our services are completely free for visitors. They can look for stock offers, check the traders contact list and register to our mailing list in order to receive updates on new stocks and new suppliers.