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Privacy policy, 23/09/2002

By using stocklottrading.com you agree to the way we use your company and stock lot information as mentioned below. Stocklottrading.com respects the privacy of your information and guards this information by using up to date security methods. Your user information and profile are password protected. You should never give out your password to third parties. We will never ask for your password unsolicited by any way. Despite our efforts to protect your information you should be aware that any internet platform or network is never a 100% secure environment and that all information you decide to transmit you transmit at your own risk.
In order to register at our site you will be required to provide information such as name, address, phone and fax numbers, company name, VAT nr. and other personal identifying information. We will also register your visits to stocklottrading.com in order to keep a record on visitor statistics. The information you provide can be seen by visitors of stocklottrading.com. Please take into account that all information you put online becomes public information so you should be careful and consider which information you wish to put online. You can edit your company and stock information anytime by login on to your personal page. Changes you make will be updated on stocklottrading.com the following working day after approval of stocklottrading.com. You will be informed via e – mail by stocklottrading.com should any changes or updates be made to our privacy policy.

Legal Notice

Your access to use of this website is subject to following terms and conditions, as well as all applicable laws governing the internet. By accessing and browsing this website you accept, without limitation or qualification, the terms and conditions mentioned below:

Stocklottrading.com presents you information of third parties. We are dedicated to keep this site free of errors, programming bugs and computer viruses. We do not take responsibility however for any kind of errors, programming bugs and computer viruses or any of the information mentioned on this site or on sites linked to stocklottrading.com. Visitors may download all materials displayed on stocklottrading.com, as long as such information is used for personal, non – commercial purposes. All materials displayed on stocklottrading.com are copyright protected, even when not explicitly indicated on these materials. Visitors may not distribute, change or reuse the content of stocklottrading.com or its members without the express written permission of stocklottrading.com or its respective members. All ideas and opinions expressed on stocklottrading.com are reserved to those of individual members and do not necessarily reflect those of stocklottrading.com. All legal disputes with stocklottrading.com will be settled in commercial court in Kortrijk/Belgium.

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Stocklottrading.com or VTS – C are not liable for problems like any kind of loss, data loss or damage related to your use of this site or any site linked to this site; as well as problems originating from the information you find on this site. Using this site is entirely at the user’s risk. Neither stocklottrading.com , nor its members or partners involved in creating this site are liable for any direct, incidental, consequential,
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User agreement

1. Members of stocklottrading.com are expected to provide up to date and correct information about their company.
2. Members of stocklottrading.com are expected to provide up to date and correct information about the stocks they put online.
3. All materials used by the member such as company logo and pictures should
be of good quality.
4. Members are to post only stocks on stocklottrading.com that are sold below
their regular market price.
5. No weapons, explosives, ammunitions or their components are to be posted on stocklottrading.com.
6. No products that are pornographic in nature are to be posted on stocklottrading.com.
7. Only European companies are allowed to post stocks on stocklottrading.com.
8. Stocklottrading.com beholds the right to refuse and/or ban certain stocks and/or companies from the site should we suspect these to be illegal in nature or to be participating in illegal activities according to European laws.
9. Members that do not respect this user agreement can be banned from all services provided by stocklottrading.com without prior notice.

All legal disputes with stocklottrading.com will be settled at commercial court in Kortrijk/Belgium.